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Armed Gang - All I Want (We Are Monsters Re-Edit) by We Are Monsters

Sometimes you get the vibe. When your turkish dress are fresh from the laundrette, new washed car, weekend off & a party tonight. The sun is warming the clothes off and you feel like your on fire. Mr San Fran-Disco calls you up to see if you want to meet up before the evening. You say “you know im too cool for school, where shall fine gents like us meet?”. And you meet up in his yatch by a very beautiful harbour.

I wish i’ve been there sometimes, but nature calls. Too much pollution & my salary would run to zero as fast as a moped breaks, if you catch my drift. Anyway, meeting up with Dallas & Fanky in a beach in Tunisia made me see that guys that dress that cool often are gigolos. Anyway, daydreaming is still ECO friendly.

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