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Lionheart Brothers - The Desert (We Are Monsters Edit) by We Are Monsters

The lionheart brothers. First time i met them was i was on stand-by to get hosted for Turban. A local radio show aired by the student radio, Trondheim. We had never heard each others music before, but after the interviews and the tunes got played we found out we had loads of music in common. I was the bass player in Wallpaper Silhouettes in these days.

Time goes by. We met again at the Slottfjell festival (cant remember the year). They played a fantastic gig, later that evening after the hotel room was redistributed to businessmen and not the festival as the contract said. We had to sleep in the car. Either that or a gym. A disaster we turned into a benefit. We bought ourself beer and threw a party in the parking lot outside the venue. Can’t remember too much, but my guess was that we had tons of fun.

Later i got invited to a concert held in my hometown, Trondheim. Again a great gig.

So when the album matter of love and nature came i had to do a remix. I wanted to male it the way i heard the band. With lovely harmonies & nice beats.

The result was the desert.

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